Can a Personal Goal involve mozz sticks?

Did a trial run of packing my duffel and discovered a faulty zipper, and I’m a walking advertisement for Walgreens pharmacy.  But … 8 days to go! #RemoteYear

I spent some time earlier discussing my professional goals for the year, which are mostly HR-related.  But what about the other goals? What about the time spent away from my desk (which, as a reminder, will be a shared workstation with the other 74 remotes I’m traveling with).  What about the time I’m finding a place for coffee and yoga, or the time when I’m hopelessly lost without a map, or the time I am hiking or surfing or salsa dancing?  What about goals for those moments?

Goal #1: I want to explore the nooks and crannies of each city I visit. I’ll do the tourist bits, but I want to eat where the locals eat, spend hours at a cafe for no reason, and make each place my own.  I spent 2 years living in Manhattan and while I appreciated the bright lights of Times Square for what they were, I preferred the small dive bar across from my apartment ( ❤ The Bravest).  I’d like to explore each city in the same way.  Side note: If any of you wander to that part of town, order the mozzarella sticks.  I swear they are heaven.

Goal #2: Freedom from the day-to-day work world of checking email every 5 minutes. My goal is to unplug!

Goal #3: I want to fall in love. With the people, with the food, with the neighborhood, with the wine. I want to find love in each city we visit.


“Did that hurt?”  “Yes!”  “Not as much as Japanese Encephalitis.”

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