Lima by the Numbers

My Life in Lima, Peru:

5 weeks

3 roommates

92 hours of Spanish lessons

2 notebooks filled with Spanish notes

200 flashcards of verbs, nouns, adjectives, and conjugations in various tenses

1 new freelance client

10 resumes reviewed

1 salsa class

11 articles ghostwritten

6 bowls of ceviche

2 times I said ‘oui’ and not ‘si’

1 epic flat tire

12 sunsets over the water

2 police officer visits

1 website relaunch

3 boat rides

1 Groundhog Day celebration

13 mornings where I woke up before 6am

2 drunk sushi nights

1 surf lesson

3 sunburns

1 too many pisco sours

= 1 helluva month


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