Things I Never Said Before Remote Year

This year is full of new experiences, and thus, new sentences come out of my mouth every day.  Sometimes I’m talking, and realize Wow, I’ve never said THAT before.  Here are just a few examples:

— There’s only one way to find out.

— Oh good, it’s not a squat toilet.

— Lock the fridge or else the monkeys will get in.

— I don’t know if it’s Greek yogurt or sour cream, but I’m having it for breakfast every morning with granola.

— I launched my own business!

— Yo tengo 30 anos.

— The best rakija is always found in water bottles.

— Should we get pho for breakfast or for lunch?

— My taxi ride to the salon was more expensive than the haircut.

— No thanks, I do not want to try your scorpions.

— Guys!  You can see the Acropolis from the bedroom!

— (After a wine cruise down the Danube) Well I think we need to get more wine.

^^Actually I probably have said that before.

— That elephant’s mouth is slimy.

— I think we’re going to have to jump in the fountain.

— Look at this map.  See the blue dot?  THAT’S WHERE WE ARE RIGHT NOW!

— I guess we get naked now.

— No tuk-tuk, I’m walking thanks.

And best of all,


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