An Average Day for CCJ: Lima

6:00 am – Alarm goes off.  If I’m feeling awake and not lazy, like today, I get up and take a walk-slash-run to the water.

7:00-8:30 am – Start work in the dining/living room of our apartment.  My roommates Josh, Meghan, and Chris are awake and we chat, Meghan usually making a sassy comment, Josh coming in sweating from a Crossfit workout, and Chris reminding me to do my Spanish homework, which I forgot about AGAIN.

8:30-9:00 am – Do Spanish homework.  Walk to Spanish class with Chris.

9-11:00 am – Hablo español.  Hablo hablo hablo español.

11:00-11:20 am: Coffee break.  It’s someone at the school’s birthday (there’s at least one every week, apparently people time their trips to Peru with their coupleaños) and we get a slice  of torte or queque.

11:20-1:00 pm: Hablo hablo hablo español.

1-2:00 pm: Meet a fellow Remote for lunch, or grab an empanada on the walk to the office.


2-6:00pm: Work at our co-working space called Comunal.  Today I have several resumes to revise, 2 content articles to complete and a few invoices to send.


I check Slack and WhatsApp to see messages like this:


Work involves laughing – and noise usually increases at the 4:30 mark — just like in a real office!  I told you we do real work!

My “co-workers” are awesome.


I grab a happy hour beer with two remotes, which turns into three beers with seven remotes.  Then I head to Saqra with Sam and Patrick for dinner.




If I don’t have any programming or official social events in the evening (this month I’ve had a ceviche cooking class, a tour of a local brewery, several networking options, pub trivia, entrepreneurs meetings, a love fest, fishing trip, murder mystery party, and more — and that doesn’t count normal get-togethers and dinner dates), I make plans to either cook at home or meet up with someone for dinner.  Alcohol drinking varies and is not based on the day of the week (because Mondays, ya know?).

With seemingly endless opportunities for fun, be it hanging out watching a movie with one friend, or going bowling with 6 friends, or watching the sunset at dinner in a group of 20, this year I’ve had more options than ever.  Planned events + spontaneity = my perfect day.  ❤



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