One Challenging Customer

Had a WHY THE HELL IS THIS SUCH A PAIN moment at the mall this week, followed by a call to my dad followed by me being labeled a ‘challenging customer’ at Verizon.  So my first week of not working a corporate full-time job is going juuuuuust great.

International phone plans have been a serious dilemma for me (and it seems, for most of my future cohort with Remote Year).  Unlocked phones, SIM cards, data options, and trying to keep the same 908 NJ number that I’ve grown irrationally attached to, coupled with ridiculous customer service from multiple carriers is enough to make your head spin.  And this week, it left me in the food court of a mall crouched down with my hands on my head. Fortunately for you, international vacations less than 90 days come with many cost-effective options for unlimited data and no shenanigans.  But for me, I’m all set. Thanks T Mobile for your medium-caliber hassle, hopefully decent international data, and zero coverage in New Jersey where I currently living.  FaceTime only suckers!

I know I’m going to have many WHY THE HELL IS THIS SUCH A PAIN moments and I won’t be able to call anyone (not because my cell service sucks, which is likely true too, but because I’ll be an ocean away).  Why is it that in times of frustration -mostly technology or car induced, I wish it would be simpler? Why can’t I figure it out right away? Really, I just wish someone would help me.  Someone being dad/mom/boyfriend/haha yeah right boyfriend/friend/butler named Sven.  I envy people who have ‘their person’ that they call in times of need (like when the Dominos app isn’t accepting my debit card).   My ‘person’ this year is me and only me. Relying on myself by myself.  Getting lost in Belgrade or suffering food poisoning in Peru.  Or accidentally-on-purpose ordering 2 cases of Argentinean wine.  Hope I can hack it!

Shoot.  Seriously though can someone help with the Dominos app?  Sven, need ya for a minute buddy.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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