12 Times I Was Proud of Myself This Year

— The time I saw a gigantic bug crawl on my arm and I don’t freak out.

— The time I enjoyed a meal not knowing what exactly I was eating.

— The time(s) I rode a motorcycle.

— The time I spent over 20 minutes trying to communicate even when I didn’t know the language and the local didn’t know mine. And I didn’t give up. And we ended up discussing the meaning of our names (Casey meaning Brave).

— The time I visited a city I didn’t even know existed.

— The time I booked a trip I wasn’t sure I could afford or even enjoy.

— The times I said yes, even when the activity in question sounded weird or scary.

— The time a 20 minute drive turned into 2 hours, which turned into surrendering myself to a Cambodian driver for another 5 hours, having no control of the situation not getting upset.  Because (1) even if I got mad it wouldn’t change the circumstances, and (2) Cambodia, ya know?  Roll with the punches.

— The time I decided clothes don’t matter so much.  And that wearing the same clothes over and over doesn’t matter so much.

— The time I realized wearing eyeliner doesn’t mean I’m prettier.

— The time I remembered that my job description isn’t a self description.

— Oh and the time I made the decision to quit my job, left my friends and family and cat to go CIRCUMNAVIGATE THE GLOBE with some ridiculously interesting people.  Pretty proud of that cold day in February; this one Yes enabled me to do all of the above.

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