Items seen on the back of a motorbike, ranked by strangeness

Motorbikes, being the primary form of transportation in Hanoi, transport not only people but anything their owners are carrying.  4 weeks living in the Old Quarter has led to some odd sightings.

Listed in Order of Strangeness:

  • Baskets of flowers
  • Crates
  • Crates of chickens
  • Boxes
  • So many boxes that they have to be strapped in and are twice the width of the bike
  • Badass women in heels and a pencil skirt
  • Sheets of metal
  • A tree
  • Remote Year participants
  • Baskets of fish heads
  • An infant
  • A family of four
  • A pile of feather boas
  • A casket
  • A mattress
  • A 16 foot bamboo ladder
  • A Corgi
  • ME!



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