Practicing Gratitude: Roommate Edition

I’ve been blessed with some pretty amazing roommates in my life, and that’s only continuing with a new roomie every month on Remote Year.  Wanted to take the time to share some gratitude for the people I rely on the most.


Austin: Thank you for showing me that the less things you have, the less there is to clean up.

Tori: Thanks for essentially being the same person as me so you understand everything, and also for letting me borrow all of your clothes all of the time.


Susie: Thank you for teaching me that the best way to power through a tough or boring task is to take small breaks.  In the form of dance parties.



Ally: Thank you for showing me that a quiet night of laughter on the couch with some Sauvignon blanc and a fuzzy puppy is the most fun you can have all week.


Carolyn: Thanks for proving that living with a best friend is in fact the best thing you can do.



Gianna: Thanks for teaching me to grab life by the balls, at least in the kitchen.

Cassie: Thank you for letting me learn from the way you manage clients by being an incredibly well-spoken badass. And also thanks for your spot-on playlists and playing JT on repeat.



Kelli: Thank you for reminding me that quiet time to yourself is essential and makes the big events even more fun. And for sharing a partially-broken toilet during our tummy trouble month in Morocco with zero judgment.



Alison: Thank you for inspiring me with your entrepreneurial spirit – you always bring passion to your work.



Caitlin: Thanks for teaching me how to use my words to explain what I want, and for taking that freezing 3am walk to the office wrapped in our bed comforters.



Sammy: Thank you for your perspective on living and loving as defined by you, not by anybody else.



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